Rush Spa

First, on the Rush Spa website, after looking around the types of spas and price ranges, I sent a consultation Kakao Talk with 2-3 massages in mind!

Rush Spa Apgujeong

When I arrived at the Apgujeong branch of Rush Spa on the same day, they were greeted kindly when they told me that I had made a reservation for the spa. It was very hot that day, but the inside of the store was really comfortable and cool. Rush Spa is located downstairs!!!! We recommend Rush Spa Apgujeong, which is said to have a heart-pounding British home atmosphere.

It was definitely an interior that reminds me of the neighborhood I used to live in. After taking a seat, he briefly explains the Rush Spa and then talks about the spa he will receive today. And before receiving the spa, they are asked to fill out a questionnaire asking for information about precautions and health.

When asked, “Do you consider yourself on the healthy side?” I checked “no”, but my mom said “yes”. I was able to choose a massage bar to use during the spa today. I chose the Wiki Magic Muscles massage bar with red beans with peppermint flavor, chose a ginger-scented hot tea massage bar!

And while receiving the rush spa today, he said that he would make a fragrant water mist. He held a bath ball in his hand and told me to put it in the water bottle. It smelled with the sound of carbonated popping and then led me to the spa room right away. Enter the treatment room. did.

Rush Spa treatment

Two people can enjoy a private massage. You told me to change my clothes here, oh huh? here…? But he explained and the staff left, and when he was ready to undress, he asked me to ring the bell next to me. There is a space for your belongings such as a hanger and a bag next to it, so you can put it there and receive the spa!

The sound was also a sound of water, so it was a satisfactory start for all of the sights, hearings, and smells. It lasted about 30-40 minutes, but when the bell rang, people came in to give me a massage. I felt like my calves were cramped after going there, so I received mainly the rear of the lower body + shoulders, and my mother received mainly the shoulders and arms.

The inside was cool and the bed was warm, so I fell asleep naturally. I had a sports massage before, and it was a different kind of massage. Do you care for your skin using a massage bar? It was a feeling of massage. After the massage, both my mom and I said that this type of massage was better. Rush Spa – After the treatment, they will guide you to this place.

The whole body has a lot of aggression, so next time he recommended The Good Hour, which takes longer and can be received throughout the body. And they said that if you write a review, you will receive a small gift, so I decided to write a review. Be sure to write a review and get a handgurugu sample.

I was sad to leave, so I looked around and left.​When I went up to the first floor and showed me what I had written, they gave me a handguru or shampoo sampler.