Kinganma (킹안마) of Gangnam

Kinganma (킹안마), Gangnam

Gangnam Kinganma (킹안마), “Swedish Massage” for fatigue recovery and healing time

Various fatigue begins to accumulate, such as fatigue or poor blood circulation, and at this time, therapy through massage is what you find. In the past, it was considered a luxury to visit massage shops and pay for them, but these days, as investment in oneself has begun to become natural, more and more people are trying to relieve stress through professional massage shops.

Also, even if it is not due to the temperature, modern people’s busy and tired life patterns build up toxins in their bodies. Therefore, massages that release toxins from the body with the hands of experts and are effective in blood circulation have begun to be in the spotlight.

In particular, therapy through massage is very popular because it can heal and heal the stress and toxins accumulated in the body, and can enjoy both health and beauty. In fact, it is true that the price of massage shops has not become popular, but recently, various terrapies have been introduced through the media, and the price has appeared reasonably, and it has succeeded in establishing itself as a familiar image to the general public.

Kinganma (킹안마), which is drawing attention recently, is a Swedish massage that realizes authentic Swedish royal massage. This is a high-end therapy that increases pleasant sensibility and lowers the level of stress with delicate and soft touches, not power, using herbs and oils, which are healing treatments in the East and the West.

In addition, therapy through oil is said to be excellent for skin care as well as relieving stress by using only pure 100% natural oil extracted using cold and compression methods. Since each oil has a specialized effect, it is used for therapy after determining consumer preferences and body conditions.

Sweden Massage, the representative massage therapy in Kinganma (킹안마), Gangnam, is a special massage that requires accurate weight-based technology. Although it is a soft massage, you can experience a comfortable and deep massage therapy because it uses pressure skills to match the customer’s breath slowly and deeply. This is done with 1:1 private customized management, and special designs are also included in the lighting so that you can receive therapy in a comfortable space.

If you want to find proper healing and recovery for your tired body, massage therapy is recommended to relieve the travel sickness of your body and mind. In particular, Swagdi Massage is a high-end massage therapy that can even take physical recovery and mental stability through the hands of a carefully selected terrapist How about healing in the city through the therapy that can be enjoyed in Kinganma (킹안마), Gangnam?


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