Ace Anma (에이스안마)

Ace Anma (에이스안마)

‘Ace Anma (에이스안마)’ Esthetic Apgujeong Headquarters Introduces Ericsson Wrinkle Innovation Program

Ace Anma (에이스안마) Apgujeong headquarters operates a skin care program that combines neural wave therapy (NWT).

The company was established in 2006 and is leading the trend by continuing research and development and reflecting new skin-related products in skin care programs with 10 years of experience until recently incorporated.

Ace Anma (에이스안마) operates facial programs, aroma & power tree body programs, and wedding/momscare programs, and provides them to customers’ needs through detailed and specialized line-specific programs.
Ericsson France’s recently introduced program “Skinjection” Therapy is a lifting effect by applying synaptic substances to the skin that help relieve wrinkles and reduce, and increases anti-aging and antioxidant effects by directly applying skin massages and skin care new substances to the skin.

Ericsson (France), a luxury aesthetic cosmetics brand in France, is a cell therapy product created by Dr. Ericsson, a leading French biologist and founder of cell therapy, and has been loved by Esthetic in more than 70 countries around the world for more than 50 years.

In particular, by grafting nerve wave therapy (NWT) during the procedure, it stimulates the facial nerves to relax the skin and muscles, doubling the therapy effect on contour management and edema management, drawing good responses from consumers.

Ace Anma (에이스안마) Jang Se-eun said, “We provide customers with sincere service based on working at Seoul Samsung Hospital and winning the first place in the AmorePacific national beauty competition for a long time, and provide high-quality products and differentiated professional management at low prices in Apgujeong, Sinsa-dong, where expensive wrinkle innovation skin care is maintained.”

Meanwhile, Ace Anma (에이스안마) Jang completed the first phase of the NWT therapy training course at Seoul Venture Graduate School.